Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tunes and Treats

Jacob had his Jazz band concert while I was gone to Utah. The kids love it because they have tables set up and they give cookies and punch. They also love it because the concert is very casual and they can get up and dance. Jacob played several solo parts. He really enjoys Jazz band. He has gotten good at playing the trombone. March 2012

Jacob kept insisting to his band teacher that they find and play the Mario theme song until he finally gave in.  Jacob was very excited.  It was short notice so he felt like he was the only one that knew it, but they played it anyway. Here it is:

Alison's 9th Birthday

We had a early birthday party for Alison before we left on our trip to Utah. Alison and I went to Utah to attend my parents 50th wedding anniversary reception. She was excited to get her own luggage for the trip and also yummy cheesecake. She also celebrated her birthday with both sides of the family while in Utah (lucky girl). March 2012

Two Front Teeth

Joshua has lost his teeth! Well, just the two front teeth. He was very excited for the money from the tooth fairy. March 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

Snow Day

The end of February we had our one and only snow day this year. The kids had a great time playing outside. Darren didn't have such a great time. This year, we made arrangements with the neighbor that if they let him use their snow blower, then he would do their driveway and ours when it snowed.  The driveways are long and it takes too long to do when you are doing it by hand, especially when it is negative temps. He spent several hours shoveling the two driveways.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Braces are off!

Jacob had his braces removed this morning. He was very excited. He also got his hair cut right after the orthodontist appointment. He returned to school a new person. I was looking forward to the haircut just as much as the braces. He should have had it cut about a month ago. He looks great!



3rd grade program

Alison sang and danced at her 3rd grade program. She did a great job. She is the one in the purple shirt looking at the camera. She was chosen to be one of the dancers for her class song. Here she is:

Monday, April 30, 2012

Honor Band

Jacob was selected to be in the honor band for Minnesota. He spent a full Saturday with the band and then performed that night. It was a honor and good experience for him.